Tie-Dye Kitty Pillow Kit


Fresh from the package, the Tie-Dye Kitty Pillow Kit printed on 1 yard of Linen-Cotton Canvas.

The Tie-Dye Kitty Pillow Kit is available in the Blue Dog Decorating Spoonflower Shop. The full kit will print on 1 yard of fabrics 54″ wide or more. We recommend the Linen-Cotton Canvas. The kit can be printed on narrower fabrics, but the optional embellishment coordinate strip will not be included.





Easy to follow directions are included with every pillow kit.

All pillow kits include directions for basic assembly with an envelope closure on the back. Each kit also contains a tag that can be attached to a seam allowance inside the pillow. This pillow kit is designed to fit on a square pillow form of 18-20″. Please contact us if you are interested in this design in a different size, we may be able to work with you.



Close-up of the optional embellishment coordinate strip. Included on fabrics 54″ or wider.

The optional embellishment strip allows you to customize your pillow in any way you would like with a print that is guaranteed to coordinate with the rest of the design. Create piping, add stripes, add 3D effects, the possibilities are endless.






Make sure to press all your pieces face-down to avoid damaging the design.

To get started, cut out the main pieces on their dotted lines (front, 2 backs, tag). Before sewing, make sure to press all the pieces. This can be done before or after cutting. It is recommended that all fabrics be washed before use. This can be done either before or after sewing. Some shrinkage will occur, but should not effect the overall design.





All the main pieces cut out and pressed.

Once all the main pieces are cut out, it is time to decide if you will do any additional embellishment to the design, as it will be easier to complete before sewing the pillow together. For this design we chose to add some narrow flat piping and change the back closure from an envelope to a zipper.

Flat Piping Tutorial – Coming Soon!

Zipper Back Tutorial – Coming Soon!



On the Left: The optional zippered back closure we chose to use in this version. This type of closure requires the back pieces to be cut down before sewing the back and front together. On the Right: Example of how the back would look with the envelope closure back.


Completed front and back with optional narrow flat piping embellishment and zipper back. This version was made to fit a 20″ square pillow form, the design will also work with an 18″ square pillow form. Shown here with the FJADRAR 20″ feather-filled insert from IKEA.

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