Adding Straight Corner Ties

  • Skill level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Time Required: 30-60 minutes depending on skill level in addition to basic pillow construction
  • Required items: thread
  • Recommended tools: sewing machine, iron, ironing board, pressing cloth, rotary cutter (scissors will also work), straight edge, cutting mat, tube or loop turner


  • This embellishment can be added to any of our pillow kits
  • We recommend using the included optional embellishment fabric strip, but any fabric could be used
  • Spoonflower recommends that all fabrics be washed before use. For this tutorial we did not wash the fabric before beginning. Some shrinkage will occur during washing, due to the squishable nature of a pillow this should not adversely effect the design.
  • Before sewing, and through assembly you will need to press your fabric. Press on the unprinted side or use a pressing cloth to avoid damaging the printed design.
  • This pillow was printed on our preferred Linen-Cotton Canvas.
  • For this tutorial we used Fancy Floral Pillow Kit #3.


  1. Each corner of the pillow will need 2 ties, for a total of 8 ties. Each tie will be folded in half lengthwise, so to get a finished tie of approximately 7″ x 1″, we cut our embellishment fabric into 8 strips measuring 8″ x 2″. This is easiest to achieve with a rotary cutter and straight edge. If you do not have a rotary cutter a scissors can be used, make cuts as straight as possible.Collage_Fotor1
  2. Fold each strip in half lengthwise. Press.Collage_Fotor2
  3. Using a 1/8″ seam allowance stitch along the unfolded long edge and one short edge, pivoting at the corner.Collage_Fotor3
  4. Clip diagonally both corners on the short edge where stitched. Cut close to the stitching but not through it.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
  5. Use a tube or loop turner to turn each tie right side out. Press.Collage_Fotor5
  6. Pin two ties to the sides of each corner of the front pillow piece, one inch from the corner as shown below. Baste in place within the seam allowance.Collage_Fotor6
  7. Complete the pillow construction as usual, being careful to catch the long edges of the ties in your seam stitching.
  8. Tie ends as desired. We went with a simple bow. Enjoy your completed pillow!Collage_Fotor8

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